“F11 Collective” is a group that welcomes photographers with the aim of encouraging initiatives and a continuous exchange of experiences. From the group, on the proposal of the organizer Emanuele Andreozzi, the project fanzine “Contact(less) 2019 – 2021” was born with which some of the participants set out to tell the pandemic as they lived it.

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The six photographers:

  • Emanuele Andreozzi @emanuele_andreozzi_photo
  • Luigi Di Gioia @l__di__gi__street
  • Catia Montagna @catia3690
  • Noemi Passarelli @noemipassarellifotografia
  • Greg Taig @gregtaig
  • Miranda Wyszomirski @miranda_100x100

“It will be all fine”

This was the slogan that accompanied us at the beginning of the greatest tragedy facing the West known since the Second World War to today. Over two years, after the start of the pandemic COVID-19, the photos you are about to see tell a very different story.

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has not only deprived us of some fundamental aspects of our lives, but it has dramatically changed our very conception of areas such as sociality and work. The human brain, with its extreme plasticity and learning ability, gets use to everything; quickly replaces the old with the new to adapt to a constantly changing environment and allows us to survive. The past thus becomes first blurred and nebulous, then inaccessible and so on leaving you to deal exclusively with the subjective reality of the present and with anxieties and expectations of the future.

This is exactly where photography comes to our rescue. The ability of a photo to capture the moment which otherwise would be lost in oblivion and the emotions and sensations connected to it are invaluable, even more so in a world that evolves at the speed of light like the one we live in.

The photographs that you will find in this collection testify to the state of disoriented, bewilderment that the authors lived during the first months of the health emergency, in Italy and abroad.

It is worth remembering those painful moments in order to be able to rebuild a faithful daily life, as soon as possible to what preceded the emergency. Not in order to remain anchored to a past that doesn’t exist any more, mind you, but just to remember what we are still experiencing is a suspension of normality that at a certain point must necessarily be discarded.

Dott.ssa Roberta Abd El Gawad – Cognitive Neuroscience.

Emanuele Andreozzi

Luigi Di Gioia

Catia Montagna

Noemi Passarelli

Greg Taig

Miranda Wyszomirski

Producing a fanzine

Final production run, front and back covers of the fanzine.

As well as a printed fanzine, Contact(less) 2019-2021 was also published 1 March 2022 on ISSUU as a viewable PDF.

Funzilla, Rome Photozine Festival 2022

Contact(less) was part of Funzilla 2022 – Rome Photozine Festival, Rome, Italy.

Edition date:
The photos were taken from 2019 to 2021, number of copies 15, coated paper, staple binding. format 13×20