Materia front cover photo © Greg Taig


Fanzine Materia is a collective project about emotions. Each photographer presented a series taking photos from their archive that recalls a period of life where one faced a difficulty, or a change in one’s life. You can give different interpretations when browsing Materia because each of us somehow recognizes emotions or moods.
The photographers amazed me with how they approached the project, for some it is their first independent publishing job. The eight photographers:

  • Emanuele Andreozzi @emanuele_andreozzi_photo
  • Arianna Felici @_arianna1796_
  • Luigi Di Gioia @l__di__gi__street
  • Catia Montagna @catia3690
  • Greg Taig @gregtaig
  • Giuseppe Tognarini @gtognarini
  • Barbara Vigilante @barbaravigilante
  • Miranda Wyszomirski @miranda_100x100

Emanuele Andreozzi

Arianna Felici

Luigi Di Gioia

Noun: involvement in something wrong, connivance in joyous plots.
Fig. Connection between two individuals, help, grace, protection.

Catia Montagna

Greg Taig

We are all citizens of the world, stay calm and be happy as we have the greatest gift of all … life.

Giuseppe Tognarini

Where for many people there is nothing, for me there is everything!

Barbara Vigilante

The departure

Miranda Wyszomirski

Panta rei – Everything flows

Producing a fanzine

Producing a fanzine includes test prints. In this photo two test prints, on the left made at home with a normal printer and hand assembled. The one the right is a typographical test print.

Final production run, front and back covers of the fanzine.

As well as a printed fanzine, Materia was also published 25 May 2023 on ISSUU as a viewable PDF.

Funzilla, Rome Photozine Festival 2023

Materia is part of Funzilla 2023 – Rome Photozine Festival, Rome, Italy.