Boat anchor, Barcarello (PA) © Greg Taig

Traditional fishing in Sicily

Along with its several small islands, Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its southern geographical position makes Sicily a great place for fishing.

The fish markets in Sicily are full of chaos but also community, a place to discuss daily events. So many coastal towns welcome their fisherman each morning and the big decision everyday is which fish to buy for lunch, how we will prepare it and with whom we will share it. Preparing and cleaning the fish, as well as boat and net maintence is also a community event amongst fellow fisherman.

Traditional fishing in Sicily is a 3 year project captured in black and white and began in 2016. Exploring the coastline of Palermo, La Cala, Mondello, Barcarello, Sferracavallo, Isola delle Femmine, Terrasini and the markets in the centre of Palermo, Mercato del Capo and Ballaro Market.

Relax for a hobby fisherman, Terrasini (PA)
Returning to harbour with the morning catch, Isola delle Femmine (PA)
Boat maintenance, Barcarello (PA)
Boat painting, Isola delle Femmine (PA)
Fuel station for boats, Isola delle Femmine (PA)
Friendly conversation, Barcarello (PA)
Old and new, Barcarello (PA)
Testing the inboard motor and for sea worthinness
Removing fish from the hand nets, La Cala (PA)
Checking nets on a small fishing trawler, Isola delle Femmine (PA)
Winter, finished maintence for the day
Local fishermen and customers sharing news, Mondello (PA)
Fishermen showing a local chef today’s catch, Isola delle Femmine (PA)
Cleaning sardines for bottling, La Cala (PA)
Cleaning fish for customers, Isola delle Femmine (PA)
Traditional hand weighing scale “Bilancia stadera”
Cleaning prawns, Mercato del Capo (PA)
Fishmonger, Ballaro Market (PA)
Marine life wall painting, Sferracavallo (PA)
Winter, classic wooden fishing boat, Mondello (PA)
Winter, fishing along the shores of Sferracavallo (PA)
Winter afternoon, along the shores of Barcarello (PA)