Sicily Street Sellers-day Cocco bella at Mondello beach, Palermo

Sicilian Street Food Sellers – day

Sicilian Street Food Sellers are usually based in their home towns. Some are seasonal workers like the top photo of an ice chilled coconut seller. He shouts out aloud in a horsed voice “Cocco bello!” beautiful cocco, while walking along the city beach of Mondello, Palermo during the summer months. By the end of the season “Cocco bello!” sounds like a squeaky mouse as his horsed voice is worn out after a 12 hour day.

Shot in the streets of Palermo and Catania during the various festivals. Sicily Street Food Sellers is a 3 year photography project captured in colour and began in 2016.

Sicily Street Sellers-day balloon bicycle
Balloon and small toys seller with his colourful bicycle, Palermo. A quiet and gentle person who greets you with a smile.
Sicily Street Sellers-day green cauliflower
Green cauliflower and pineapples “cavolfiore & ananas”, setting up a portable table, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day freshly boiled octopus "polpo" Palermo
Freshly boiled octopus “polpo”, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day fish monger Catania
Fish monger, Catania.
Sicily Street Sellers-day batter & fry Palermo
Preparing batter for prawns “gamberi”, artichokes “carciofi” to be fried in oil “fritture”, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day fish monger Palermo
Fish monger cuts fresh slices of salmon “salmone” or sword fish “pesce sparda”, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day ice drink cooler on wheels, Palermo.
Iced drink seller, using a recycled ice-cream refrigerator as an ice cooler, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day snacks seller Palermo. Chips, nuts, sweets
Snacks seller, chips “crisps”, nuts and sweets, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day ice cooled drinks seller Palermo
Ice chilled beer, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day gelato and flavored ice seller Palermo
Traditional flavored ice “granite” using a Piaggio Ape tre wheeled compact van, Palermo.
Sicily Street Sellers-day. Citrus fruit aroma traditional drink kiosk, Catania
Citrus fruit aroma traditional drink kiosk, Catania.

The origins of these drinks date back to the 16th century, when Sicilian “bibitari” or “cioscari” (drink vendors) used to compete in the preparation of new refreshing drinks with an original taste, made with soda water, fruit syrup and lemon juice, and keeping their recipes and artisan ways secret. Over time, their traditional kiosks became part of the urban architecture and a meeting point for those looking for some refreshment.

Sicily Street Sellers-day seafood, meat, chicken & vegetable grill Palermo
Delivering fresh seafood, meat, bread crumbed chicken & vegetables for grilling, Palermo