• Venice in season - night

    Venice in season

    I have made several week long trips to Venice during the peak season of Carnevale Veneziano in February. If possible, try to avoid the weekends as it is too crowded…

  • Venice out of season

    Venice out of season

    After several week long trips to Venice in the peak tourist season of Carnevale in Feburary. I was happy to assist a 7 day photography workshop in the off-season of…

  • cover photo with close up of goose, Rome

    Parks in Rome

    Parks photography project was born from the need for physical exercise after the Covid lock-down period of staying indoors. My wife and camera began constant companions on our one to…

  • museum goers, London

    Museum goers

    The museum goers project began by chance after various trips back and forth between London and Palermo over a one year period. We often visited different museums in order to…

  • Boat anchor, Barcarello (PA) © Greg Taig

    Traditional fishing in Sicily

    Along with its several small islands, Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its southern geographical position makes Sicily a great place for fishing. The fish markets…