• Bio in italian and english about Peggy Kleiber

    Peggy Kleiber – everyday life

    Exhibition: Peggy Kleiber. Tutti i giorni della vita (fotografie 1959-1992) The first exhibition in Italy by photographer Peggy Kleiber, Tutti i giorni della vita (fotografie 1959-1992) from 19 May to…

  • Boat anchor, Barcarello (PA) © Greg Taig

    Traditional fishing in Sicily

    Along with its several small islands, Sicily is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its southern geographical position makes Sicily a great place for fishing. The fish markets…

  • man and woman surrounded by natural flowers at Mount Etna, Sicily

    Greg Taig

    https://www.gregtaig.it Instagram: @gregtaig Interview by Emanuele Andreozzi with Greg Taig, 14 June 2023 1. I’m curious to know about your path to photography. As I understand it, you started taking…

  • kentmere 100 35mm roll and retail box package

    Kentmere 100

    The full commercial name for this black and white film is “Kentmere PAN 100” an ISO 100 rated BW film manufactured in the UK. A 35mm panchromatic black & white…

  • fomapan 200 35mm film new box

    Fomapan 200

    Foma Fomapan 200 Creative is a iso 200 rated BW film manufactured by Foma in the Czech Republic, central part of Europe. Fomapan 200 is also sold under the name “Arista…

  • Emanuele Andreozzi

    Emanuele Andreozzi

    https://www.emanueleandreozzi.it/ Instagram: @emanuele_andreozzi_photo Fanzine Italian Gardens was part of Funzilla 2022 at Rome Fanzine Festival, Italy. Fanzine Thinking to Leave is part of Funzilla 2023 at Rome Fanzine Festival, Italy.

  • Fanzine


    “F11 Collective” is a group that welcomes photographers with the aim of encouraging initiatives and a continuous exchange of experiences. From the group, on the proposal of the organizer Emanuele…

  • Materia front cover photo © Greg Taig


    Fanzine Materia is a collective project about emotions. Each photographer presented a series taking photos from their archive that recalls a period of life where one faced a difficulty, or…